Don’t Touch The Zombies

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Enjoy a different and twisted way for playing zombie games.
Play as hunter exploring mazes full of zombies for a zombie slaughter, but be careful, only touch one of them and you will swap roles.
Play as zombie to chase the hunter and start the hunting again.
Experience this dynamic game play where you'll become the hunter or hunted on different and crazy modes for intense single and multiplayer action.
And of course, you will have several useful items for your journey ... but remember, don't touch the zombies!

"Cross platform multiplayer. Even mobile players can play against desktop players!"



  • Single-player adventure mode and custom matches against bots
  • Multi-player custom matches up to 4 players over LAN/Internet
  • Cross platform multiplayer. Even mobile players can play against desktop players!
  • 4 player skins (*for now)
  • 4 crazy mazes at day and night (*for now)
  • Several useful items
  • Zombie kills combos
  • Stats and achievements

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Game Modes

  • Score. Reach the target score.
  • Time Score. Get the maximum score in the time limit.
  • Time Killer. Get the highest number of zombie kills in the time limit.
  • Killer. Reach the target number of zombie kills.
  • Collector. Reach the target number of items.
  • Horde. Kill all the zombies you can.

This is the begining, our game mode platform is very flexible so share with us the game modes you'd like to play.

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