Artist 3D Viewer

With Artist 3D Viewer visualize your 3D model with the texture you want. Just import your 3D model and select the texture image.
Now you can paint or simply retouch a texture using your favorite painting apps and see immediately the final result on your 3D model. Only using your iPad!


With this simple app you get all these benefits:

  • Manage your own 3D models and textures for your portfolio easily. Even with animated models.
  • Use your favorite app to paint your texture and apply it to your 3D model in real time.
  • New paint mode! ... Now you can also paint or prototype your textures directly on Artist 3D Viewer.
  • Augmented Reality! See how it looks your own 3D models in AR.
  • Body tracking! See how your own 3D character follow your movements in real time.
  • Import models from your favorite cloud service.
  • Easy multi-touch gestures to move the camera.
  • Look at he same time your design app and your 3D model thanks to the multitask function.
  • Work anywhere without troubles with your iPad Pro or any iPad.

This app was developed initially for internal use in our studio (Tlakali Game Studio), nevertheless, we believe this is a great tool that will be very useful for texture artists.

In Tlakali Game Studio we will continue working to improve Artist 3D Viewer, so please leave us your comments to know what you want to see in next versions.

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