Mo-Capp is a compact motion capture studio right in the palm of your hand!
There is no need to animate your 3D model manually from scratch, now you can use your smartphone to record your own movement!


With Mo-Capp you can do all these:

  • Use the cam from your smartphone to detect a human and track their movement.
  • After recording an animation you can edit it as you want. Trim the timeline, rotate joints, interpolate and more.
  • When your animation is ready just export it to BVH (Biovision Hierarchy) standard format.
  • Also, if you have an Apple Watch you can use it as a remote control, pretty convenient!

This app was developed initially for internal use in our studio (Tlakali Game Studio), nevertheless, we believe this is a great tool that will be very useful for animators.

In Tlakali Game Studio we will continue working to improve Mo-Capp, so please leave us your comments to know what you want to see in next versions.

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